The evolution of the business: how the Freight Center evolved from a freight quotation platform to an online freight management platform


When every business starts it starts small, let’s see the most famous examples:

Apple- It started in a garage

Amazon – It all started in a garage

Microsoft – It all started in a garage

Google – It all started in a garage

It is worth mentioning a famous national, Nubank, started small and since then continues to make improvements, recently announced a rebranding and positioning from the preferred roxinho to a financial solutions platform, access here.

It’s like that in the world and it’s no different with what’s happening with Brazilian startups in their different segments, all gradually conquering their space, understanding the needs of the market and delivering news that meets the needs of their customers. users.

We started as an online freight quotation platform (online freight calculator)

The freight center started out as an online freight quotation platform, see our story, when we arrived our proposition was to streamline the way boring and time consuming that companies had to go through to get ONE freight quote, in a past not too far removed from quotes were carried out by phone and email, this process of about 3-5 minutes per call was repeated at least 3 times so that the sender could choose the carrier with the best price and time, it can be said that it was already a big leap and it changed the way companies did their freight quotes, just to illustrate, a process that previously took at least 10 minutes, started to be done in 10 seconds, realize that the time savings were very important, in addition to the freight savings that could also be felt, as the tables we offer are negotiated with carriers, offering an average value 30% lower than that of a contract directly with the carrier.

Based on daily experiences and feedback received from users, we realized that there is a lot of room for improvement and we are betting in technology to make the experience faster and easier for shippers, ‚ÄĚsays Thiago F. Swistalski – CEO of Central do Freight.

Through improvements and delivery of new functions, we have become an online freight management platform

Overtime the The platform has grown and new features have been delivered, which has given the platform robustness and provided features beyond our initial proposal, that is, through these features, the shipper now has a complete platform to manage their shipments and not just a shipping calculator

Examples of functionalities offered by a freight management platform:

Information that gives you a view of your freight costs, most used carriers, on-time and on-time pickups, on-time and on-time deliveries, states / regions with higher delivery volume and more. ‘other indicators that help you understand your shipments, to better understand how it works we have made a full article, click here.

All shipping information in one place.
Public link, click here, so that the sender and / or the recipient can follow the progress of the shipments.

Many shippers prefer to pay their freight in cash so we have created a wallet to receive advance payments and while the freight is contracted the main amount is debited this gives better financial control and avoids wasting time with payment bills.

  • Freight specialists dealing with issues directly with carriers

Trained professionals involved in the freight world who will be able to deal with your problems with more professionalism.

Problems such as collection and delivery delays, damage, loss, among others, are still very common, and for this you need to have specialists who deal with this type of situation on a daily basis and thus solve the problems with the carrier. under contract, quickly and quickly necessary so that your sale is not compromised.

  • Robots that work for streamline processes and avoid errors

Repeated situations have led us to create several robots that streamline processes and avoid errors, our bet is high on this part of the system, although invisible to the sender, our action is felt in the reduction of delays that were previously too long and problems that were very common before, examples that can be cited:

– Reduced planning time for collections with certain carriers

We currently deliver 60% of our pickups in real time, that is, after placing the shipping order, the scheduling number is instantly available to the shipper.

– Cancellation of the collection with refund of the amount paid within 24 hours after the request

It is very common that the freight has already been paid and for some reason the customer decides to cancel the purchase, knowing this we create a quick process, at the time of canceling our system identifies that it is ” is an order paid by the sender or recipient and it already triggers a repayment order to the finance team, which executes the action on the same day or the next business day.

These are just a few examples of the countless activities of our robots operating around the clock.

  • Screen for monitoring collections and deliveries in progress

The current collections and deliveries follow-up screen was made available on April 21 and already allows several shippers to follow their current operations, the sender can navigate between the collections and deliveries tabs and easily view the status of every shipment.

On the screen it is possible to view basic information and perform actions that greatly facilitate the task of those who control and monitor deliveries.

This control gives greater communication power to recipients in unexpected situations, examples of situations in which anticipating is the key to minimizing delays and maintaining customer satisfaction:

-Charge stopped at tax barrier (in case of non-payment of the tax form),
-Confirmation of the delivery address (in case of change),
-Authorization of re-delivery,

Among the actions to be carried out within the screen for monitoring collections and deliveries in progress, we highlight:

– several filtering options,
– include / exclude columns to make the visualization more precise.
Marking of orders

If the sender needs to follow a certain group of orders, it is possible to include a tag on each line and thus the system group shipments with the same tag, for example: the sender makes the send end-of-year gifts to 50 different recipients, to accompany them, it creates a tag “end-of-year gifts” and the system filters only these articles, thus making it easier to visualize this group of orders. is great and makes life quicker for those doing delivery tracking work.

We know that satisfied recipients have the guarantee of redemptions and it is through the management of their freight that we seek to empower the shipper so that he can act in a preventive manner and make the experience of his customers the best possible ” says Leandro F. Swistalski – CEO – from the Shipping Center.

Take your shipping to the next level, the Shipping Center offers what you need to streamline your shipping, simplify your life and make your customers’ experience the best it can be.

For those of you who have read this article to the end, here is a SPOILER: we have already prepared a new package for 2021. features and every month a great novelty will impact the daily life of those who use the Shipping Center, here, in addition to a lot of love, there is a lot of technology involved. s2


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