Internal campaign: We are lovers of expeditions


We recently launched a campaign for our entire team here at Central do Freight. #we send, another small step towards our goals of transforming the way we communicate with senders, recipients and carriers.

Creating a culture is not something that happens overnight, it is something that is part of our routine and it is only with a lot of repetition and especially with the participation of all that we will be able to do operate the “magic”.

It’s not easy, but it’s worth it, a challenge we accepted in 2015 when we started this journey.

A new moment for our team

At Central do Freight, even apart, we are closer than ever! We took advantage of this moment of change to rethink our internal culture and the pillars that support the way we work. This is how we discovered that our driving force is passion for what we do. : purple heart: This is what drives us to continue to evolve and surprise, exceeding goals and expectations. :rocket: #we send

We are shipping lovers

The only way to do a good job is to love what you do. And judging by the exceptional quality of everything we do, we can safely say: there is a lot of love here! That’s why we call ourselves Shipping Lovers: a way to strengthen our commitment, dedication and, most importantly, our love for what we do. : purple heart: #we send

Our mission is noble, our team is strong

The Freight Center has come to transform the way businesses hire freight, always looking for ways to streamline processes, delight people and innovate in the industry. We have managed to question the scenarios, to lead the changes and to be a reference brand in everything it proposes to do. And if we managed to do all of this, it is thanks to the dedication of each member of this team that we are so proud to be a part of. : right_facing_fist:: left_facing_fist: #we send

Our pillars

One thing we are very proud of is our culture code: the pillars that guide all the decisions we make internally and determine the way Freight Lovers work. : point_right:

our cultural code

Without it, we are getting nowhere. We strive to understand what the other feels and thinks, always promoting respect and coexistence.

to be restless

We are not satisfied with the essential and we question everything: can we do otherwise? How can it be more agile? Is this process really necessary? Can we improve? Agitation is a common characteristic in innovative teams.


When you love what you’re doing, you always put in extra energy. We work with agility and dedication, doing our best in all situations.


Co-creating is often more efficient and fun than creating on your own. We are aware that we are one team and we do not renounce collaboration.


We are freight experts and would like everyone here to feel it. That they can talk about CIF, FOB, cubage, complaint, reverse collection and PIN in the same way they talk about their favorite subjects on a daily basis.

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