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How to pack and ship the mattress by carrier


You must think carrying mattresses is very easy, right? however, mattresses can be considered one of the most difficult items to transport, and also shipping is not one of the cheapest, unless you sell the mattress that goes rolled up in a box. Why is this considered difficult? First of all due to the size of some of them and the weight it can also be a challenge for the delivery people, thus making them well awkward and difficult to move from point A to point B.

Faced with this challenge, how can we think of shipping it anyway without good packaging? See below for a step by step on how to ship a mattress in the easiest and most economical way.

Measurements and weights

The first thing you should know before shipping a mattress is its weight and all measurements. Precision is the key word, so don’t guess! The more accurate your freight data is in the freight quote, the less likely the freight will be reconciled after shipment. Therefore, measure and weigh your mattress once it is completely packed. to ensure you get the most accurate shipping quote.

For reference, the table below shows the standard dimensions of the mattresses:


Dimensions (without packaging)
Not married 188 cm x 88 cm
Couple 188 cm x 138 cm
Queen 198 cm x 158 cm
King 203 cm x 193 cm

Again, never estimate the weight and measurements of the cargo, be specific when establishing a shipping quote. Carriers always check the weights and measurements of the cargo they are handling to ensure they can operate at full capacity. If what the carrier measures during the inspection is different from what you indicated during the freight quotation process, you will receive the freight value adjustment after the cargo has been shipped.


Packing your cargo is always one of the most important steps in the shipping process. Mattresses have their peculiarities to pack due to their shape and size.

if it is the your store that delivers the mattress for your customers, there is no secret, maybe you only send the plastic which comes from the factory, because the the path is short and suffers little movement, as soon as it leaves your store, it goes directly to your customer and your deliverers will have a special care.

But, when shipping the mattress by a carrierkeep in mind that the cargo will undergo a lot of movement, go through several loading and unloading processes until reaching the final destination, as far as packaging is concerned, the expression “less is more” does not apply, in fact, one can say that the correct expression to use is “more is more” is better “🙂

We strongly recommend that apply a few layers of protection to your mattress, when moving, it can be “dragged” by the floor of the truck, in the warehouse of the transporter and even by the floor of your customer’s house, who will have to bring it to the room you want, or even suffer a certain impact of other loads traveling in the same vehicle.

Regarding the mattress packaging, keep the first plastic layer that comes from the factory, as this will ensure that the mattress is dust free, include around 4 layers of bubble wrap and finally a layer of corrugated cardboard, mainly reinforcing the ends, the cardboard is resistant to movement and will provide additional security to the mattress, in addition to making it easier to identify the load.

If you are going to send the basic box, do not send it with the foot mounted, it will reduce one of the volume dimensions, making shipping cheaper. Regarding the basic packaging, use the same process, 4 layers of bubble wrap and one layer of corrugated cardboard, always reinforcing the edges.

Don’t skimp on the packaging, a small tear in the mattress can cost you much more, the carriers do not refund the value of the invoice in the event of damage due to the lack of packaging, in fact, for the transport of mattresses, the vast majority of the carriers ask that the damage waiver period be signed.

Ask your customer to check the packaging

If your store delivers the mattress, you can skip this section of the article, but if you are using a carrier to transport mattresses, this part is extremely important and we have an article that teaches you what to do when receiving the load. .

Mistakes happen when moving goods, especially since shipments share space in the back of a freight truck with other shipments.

The carrier only recognizes the damage when there is caveat on the back of the CT-e (Electronic Transport Knowledge) that the material has arrived damaged and this must be made upon receipt, it is necessary for the recipient to take photos proving the damage to the packaging and the product, not just the product, as stated before, it will not help if your cargo is not perfectly packed, carriers do not refund the invoice amount for damage due to packaging defect or improper packaging.

Quote with a freight management platform

Don’t miss your chance to find the best shipping price to ship your mattress. It is generally cheaper freight contract via a platform than to ship directly with the carrier.

Get a shipping quote now with the Shipping Center and discover the smarter, easier way to ship your cargo.


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