How to get the most out of shipping in your e-commerce


As a good salesperson, you know how the economy and consumer buying habits can change. Add a year like 2020 and you might feel even more pressure on your business than usual from increased demand for online sales with the consequent increase in shipments of those sales, being able to adapt quickly is more important than ever. As consumers turn to online stores to purchase your products, it’s important that you know how to get the most out of shipping to increase your online sales.

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As you sell more online, you will notice an increase in demand for freight contracts for the shipping your order. Having a shipping strategy that details the ways you will ship your order will ensure your process runs smoothly.

See how to get started if take advantage of delivery to increase your online sales and, at the same time, focus on providing excellent customer service.

Put the right team in the right place

Running an e-commerce and making sure your products are shipped on time is not a straightforward process. You have to have the right team, which goes beyond selling and shipping the product. To find out who should do what, ask yourself:

  • Who will create the strategy and communicate shipping options to customers?
  • Who will create the promotional images for the products to show to your customers?
  • Who will take the orders and prepare them for shipment?
  • Who will answer questions and handle customer complaints?

Initially, it is normal that you play the role of the whole team, take advantage of this immersion and create standards and processes to follow at each step, when creating processes, it will be easier to identify the flaws in your operation, to be quick in adjustments and with the growth of your business, to hire people to meet the demand of each area, the process facilitate training and reduce learning time for new employees, even if you already have a small team, make sure everyone understands their role in the process, this will help keep the flow in harmony and avoid delays in the process. ship your orders. Communication is the key to a successful strategy!

Know what’s important to your customers

Your shipping strategy involves more than just figuring out how to offer free shipping and fast delivery, even if it’s part of your plan. It’s about knowing what’s important to your audience, to attract new business and retain your customers.

Usually, consumers are looking for fast, low cost, or free delivery. They also want best possible delivery experience. In fact, according to Metapak’s research, it was found that:

  • 38% of consumers surveyed said they would never buy again after a negative delivery experience.
  • 60% of customers have chosen a competitor who offers better delivery options.
  • 74% of respondents rated free shipping as a very important feature during the checkout process.
  • 45% of shoppers abandoned a cart due to inadequate or disappointing delivery options.

You will need to adapt to the expectations your customers set for you and figure out how to manage your customers’ delivery expectations. What can you offer your customers while staying on budget for your small business? While free shipping may or may not be out of the question, you can consider other shipping benefits such as same day delivery, known as same day delivery, for short distances. You may also want to consider researching regions where you can offer discounts or shipping benefits to your customers.

Keep your shipping costs low

You need to keep the shipping costs for your orders low, while optimizing your spending on all the other items needed to grow your business. Consumers expect the best submission and best experience at every step of the purchasing and delivery process. Trying to manage all the management processes in your business is a difficult task. The best way to reduce your shipping costs is to partner with a freight management platform. as a dispatch center.

By using a freight management platform, you have access to a variety of approved carriers and with affordable freight for your types of freight. You won’t have to waste time researching carriers, putting together quotes researching the best shipping options, and signing a contract with each one.

Partner with best online freight management platform, We have a powerful system and a dedicated team of experts so that you have a much faster and hassle-free shipping experience.


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