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Find out why shipping should be considered one of your business strategies


Freight is not only necessary to move your cargo from point A to point B, freight is often the one that influences the success of your business, especially if you are working with e-commerce and have customers spread across everything. Brasil.

To start, I need to present you some data: According to a Comscore poll, 58% of consumers abandon the cart when the shipping costs are not what they expected.

Therefore, it is the freight value that will determine whether your measurements will be positive or negative, our intention with this item is to help you increase your sales conversion rate, or if you prefer, reduce your cart abandonment rate , come with us and we will show you the ways.

What is most important when choosing the ideal carrier?

Brazil is a country with continental dimensions and the logistical difficulties are immense, for each region, state, capital, municipality, city a different strategy can be adopted, analyze different delivery methods, costs and times for each, the same carrier can offer different services, for example, the courier has PAC and Sedex, if you want to pick it up or take it at the carrier’s counter, finally, a series of studies must be done so that when you offer the freight, you can swim with the current and offer QUALITY and attractive TOC, don’t give up on quality for the price, it can be a risky strategy for your business.

Below, we’ll show you how to find the ideal carrier (s) based on your cargo size, so you can prepare your own. logistics strategy without wasting money, discover the 3 most common ways to waste money when leasing freight.

Dimensions and weight of cargo

The first step before looking for the perfect carrier to ship your cargo is knowing what range it will fall into, here we say cargo can come from small, medium and large.

We cannot talk about dimensions and weight without quote the cubage, it is this which defines how your freight will be invoiced: whether it is in actual weight or in cubic weight, consider the one with the higher value as the range in which your freight falls.

How to identify if your cargo is small, medium or large?

small size – from 0.01 to 10 kg
Intermediate size – from 10 to 30kg
Big – More than 30kg

Ideal supports for small loads (0.01 to 10kg)

If you are working with small volumes, choose the Post Office, the courier, specialized e-commerce carriers like azul cargo and jadlog and some bus companies, they take advantage of the free space in the luggage compartment to ship the cargo , which makes the freight cost remain competitive.

Courier delivery usually has a excellent price-performance ratio for short distances and a big differential to be explored by your e-commerce, the delivery time will be more and more determining to increase the conversion of online sales and this delivery method says same day delivery, or same day delivery it’s a trend that’s here to stay and can make the difference for your customer to make a purchase.

As for inter-city and inter-state deliveries, the other options will have a better cost-benefit ratio, the bus companies have the disadvantage of serving a limited number of cities, so make sure you offer all the options in your online store, after all, your client can be anywhere in Brazil and they’ll choose whether they prefer price or duration.

In this range, the shipping restrictions are:

Blue position – to contract the Azul express cargo service, the maximum authorized weight is 5 kg maximum.
post Office – for the rental of the MINI ENVIOS courier service, the maximum authorized weight is up to 300g, while for SEDEX 10, SEDEX 12 and SEDEX Today the maximum authorized weight is up to 10Kg
motorcycle courier – according to Loggi, the measurements of the cargo cannot exceed 36 cm in height, 42 cm in length and 44 cm in width

Ideal supports for medium loads (10 to 30kg)

From there the “fight” starts to get good, good for you, who will have more options to ship your cargo ๐Ÿ™‚, all carriers mentioned above continue to be an option to ship your cargo, but here more carriers start to get competitive prices.

In that case ideally you should look for carriers which serve the regions where the carriers mentioned above are not as competitive and negotiate a freight table, with this you can compare and still offer the best freight for your customers, remember shipping costs will be your best ally at checkout, allowing you to achieve your goal of increasing your sales conversion rate.

In this range, the shipping restrictions are:

Blue position – the maximum dimensions are 100cm x 80cm x 70cm
Jadlog – the maximum dimensions are 80cm x 80cm x 80cm
post Office
– the only restriction here will be due to the measurements, none of the dimensions can be greater than 100 cm and the sum of the dimensions cannot exceed 200 cm, since the maximum weight limit for SEDEX and PAC services is 30 kg maximum. see the complete list of postal limits here.
motorcycle courier – according to Loggi, the load measurements cannot exceed 36cm in height, 42cm in length and 44cm in width and the maximum authorized weight is 20 Kg
Bus – as the cargo travels in the trunk of the bus, they have a dimension limit, generally the maximum measurements are 100 cm high x 120 cm wide x 220 cm long

Conveyors ideal for large loads (over 30kg)

Here the landscape changes completely of the above options Correios and motoboy are no longer options, specialized e-commerce carriers such as jadlog and azul cargo continue to serve, but the values โ€‹โ€‹are no longer as competitive in most simulations and will not lose out. competitiveness as the weight increases more and more, the bus companies are still competitive up to around 70 kg and from there carriers considered as conventional take the lead and surely are the best options for shipping your cargo..

In this case, there is no way to escape, to stay in the game you will need to research and negotiate the freight table with multiple carriers, the ideal is to find specialized carriers in each region of Brazil, it is very difficult for a carrier to serve all regions with competitive value in each of them and this is something that you cannot give up, having competitive freight rates for every corner of the country, as mentioned above, your customer can be anywhere.

In this range, the shipping restrictions are:

Carriers: the vast majority of carriers have no restrictions on the weight of the cargo, but the commonly accepted limit for not having additional charges is 50kg, in relation to the dimensions of the cargo, no dimension can exceed 300cm , as for the delivery of the carriers do not deliver to the upper floors, it is therefore good to guide your client in relation to this detail or if it is essential to deliver to the upper floors, negotiate with the carrier the price he will charge you in addition to freight.

Now that you know which transport options are ideal for your cargo, map out your strategy and do the best shipping values โ€‹โ€‹for your customers!

Realize that Cargo Management Platforms as well as Freight Hub may be the best fit for your business, they have the knowledge, technology and carrier connections to meet your needs.

Get a shipping quote now and discover the smartest, easiest way to ship your cargo.


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