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9 tips for choosing the perfect expedition


What would be the “ideal expedition”? At Transport of packages, there are several variables that determine the value of freight, and this can be a sore point for carriers and customers. The weight of the cargo, where it is to be delivered, the type of modal that will be used and the urgency of the delivery time are just some of the factors that influence transportation costs and, therefore, affect the final value of the freight. Soon, the ideal freight is that which will have the most adequate price for the transport service required., with the greatest use of the resources used.

The advance of e-commerce has posed challenges for those working in the industry. With the high demand for transportation services, the demands of consumers, who want the lowest freight price and the fastest delivery, have also increased. Therefore, it is essential to evaluate all the details regarding the transport of the cargo before taking responsibility for the service. Without proper analysis of the variables, what may seem beneficial at first, can end up being a waste.

To help choose the ideal shipment and ensure the satisfaction of shippers and customers, the Dispatch Center has prepared some tips. To verify!

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9 tips for choosing the perfect expedition

To identify more precisely the fair price of freight and look for more economical and efficient alternatives, it is essential to think strategically about all the variables that involve the process. Therefore:

Define the type of shipment

When choosing the ideal freight for parcel transport, it is essential to define whether the freight is of the type CAF, what is paid by sender, or of the type GUSSET, who comes from the responsibility of the recipient.

To understand the difference, CIF freight is used for deliveries directly to the end consumer, who does not have an adequate structure to guarantee the transport of the goods to their home.

On the other hand, FOB freight applies to companies that buy a large volume of goods from another company. They have the necessary infrastructure to be responsible for transporting the goods to the final destination. Thus, from the dispatch of the order, the company no longer assumes the risks associated with the transport service.

Tip: CIF shipping and FOB shipping: understand the differences

Define the type of load

The type of cargo also influences the choice of the best way to ship the goods. The characteristics of the cargo will define whether split or whole transport is more suitable, for example. Or if special equipment will be needed to ensure that everything takes place in compliance with safety standards. Check out some types of freight below:

  • THE fractional charge it occurs when small amounts of goods are shipped in a vehicle, with deliveries to different locations. It is mainly used in the transport of products to the final consumer, who purchases smaller quantities of goods compared to wholesalers;
  • THE full charge is it for the exclusive use of a loader, or because the goods to be transported entirely occupy the vehicle; whether due to the nature of the products, which require separate transport;
  • TO net charges they can be transported in bulk, but must be packed in tank trucks;
  • already the refrigerated cargo is the one that works with temperature control of products such as fruits, vegetables, meat, chicken, fish, etc.
  • And the live load is the one in which animals are transported for breeding purposes, such as poultry, cattle or pigs. It is also used by veterinary clinics or environmental reserves, which protect rescued animals and help preserve species.

Consider the cubage

Cubage is the calculation that lists the cargo volume and weight, in balance with the capacity of the vehicle. It helps in the exact use of the available space on the truck, preventing cargo from damaging the transporter. If the cubic weight is more than the weight of the goods, the freight will be charged according to the cubage. This strategy prevents parcel shipping from becoming less profitable than expected.

Tip: Cubage: understand how the calculation is done

Pay attention to the delivery time

In parcel shipping, time rhymes with money. And the delivery time is no exception. Therefore, the shorter the period, the higher the freight cost. The speed of delivery can also depend on the mode of transport, since air, being faster than road, has a much higher cost.

If the delivery takes place during working hours, the time may be better suited to the request. But if the delivery is scheduled for another period, the freight service will be more expensive. Therefore, paying attention to the delivery time and minimizing the occurrence of breakdowns is essential to ensure the Customer satisfaction.

Organize the collection of goods

Another aspect that must be taken into account when transporting parcels is the collection of goods. It is necessary to confirm whether it is the carrier itself that performs the service or if it is the responsibility of the shipper.

This is not a simple detail: if the sender is responsible for the collection, it means that in addition to the shipping costs, there will be additional costs. And as the removal was not carried out by the carrier, the transport costs cannot include this service. It is necessary to check the deadline for the collection of the cargo to be carried out correctly, in order to avoid inconvenience.

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Beware of insurance

The insurance protects both the interests of the sender and the customers, because in the event of an accident, the insurance company will cover the reimbursement of the damage.

So make sure that the transport company has the necessary and additional insurance, such as the Civil Liability Insurance of the Road Transporter – RCTR-C and the Optional Civil Liability Insurance of the Road Transporter – RCF-DC.

If the company is not properly insured and there is a claim, the costs will be borne by the contracting company.

Calculate Shipping costs

Take into account the place of delivery

The place of delivery makes all the difference in choosing the most suitable mode of transport. Transporting packages to places that are difficult for trucks to access makes the operation more complex, causing freight prices to rise.

This is why it is important analyze the way to go and identify the need for modal alternatives on the sections presenting greater access difficulties.

Work with freight tracking

Freight tracking allows monitor the entire route traveled, ensuring more security in the transport of packages, whether for shippers or customers. At the slightest sign of an unexpected event, the system recognizes the problem and the carrier can act before the situation escalates. Tracking is also used by customers, who can make sure everything is in order when shipping their order.

Therefore, it is important to check whether the chosen carrier offers this service through an online system. In cases where monitoring is not possible, the risks of security failures increase, leading to an increase in the final value of the freight.

Include more shipping for return

In order to make the transport of parcels more profitable for the company, it is possible to verify that there are no other cargoes that can be transported within the same vehicle, thus optimizing the route taken.

With a virtual freight platform, it is possible to cross-reference data and precisely locate if there is an ongoing demand in the same region. This helps to increase the productivity of the company and optimize the resources used.

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Ideal parcel and freight transport: the Shipping Center has it!

In small, medium or large businesses, parcel transport can be strategically designed, generating greater efficiency and better financial results. It is extremely important to carry out proper planning of the transport service, with full clarity of the logistical processes involved. By analyzing all the variables involved, it is possible to reduce both the cost of transport and the price of freight.

Ensuring customer satisfaction is Central do Freight’s commitment. We operate in freight forwarding and freight quoting services through technology-based solutions, with a focus on innovation and process optimization. On our platform, it is possible to quote freight, select the carrier and even follow the entire freight transport route.

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