3 Ways to Waste Money When Hiring a Shipper

We know that for small businesses, every penny counts, their managers need to be aware and know how to save money in every operating process while still running smoothly. Logistics for small businesses are complicated and there are very easy ways to waste money when shipping your loads. We list below the 3 ways the … Read more

How to manage your customers’ delivery expectations

Like most small and medium business owners, you put your customers and their satisfaction first, right? Unfortunately, sometimes things happen that are beyond your control and can frustrate you and your customers. When it comes to shipping, there are many uncontrollable variables, however, understanding some common events in deliveries will help you learn how to … Read more

How to pack and ship the mattress by carrier

You must think carrying mattresses is very easy, right? however, mattresses can be considered one of the most difficult items to transport, and also shipping is not one of the cheapest, unless you sell the mattress that goes rolled up in a box. Why is this considered difficult? First of all due to the size … Read more

How to get the most out of shipping in your e-commerce

As a good salesperson, you know how the economy and consumer buying habits can change. Add a year like 2020 and you might feel even more pressure on your business than usual from increased demand for online sales with the consequent increase in shipments of those sales, being able to adapt quickly is more important … Read more

Internal campaign: We are lovers of expeditions

We recently launched a campaign for our entire team here at Central do Freight. #we send, another small step towards our goals of transforming the way we communicate with senders, recipients and carriers. Creating a culture is not something that happens overnight, it is something that is part of our routine and it is only … Read more

The evolution of the business: how the Freight Center evolved from a freight quotation platform to an online freight management platform

When every business starts it starts small, let’s see the most famous examples: Apple- It started in a garage Amazon – It all started in a garage Microsoft – It all started in a garage Google – It all started in a garage It is worth mentioning a famous national, Nubank, started small and since … Read more

Containers: what are they and how did they appear?

At the Freight Center we generally anticipate and are always ready to test new possibilities aimed at improving processes, we are very fond of innovation and technology and We recognize that the container has certainly been one of the greatest logistics inventions of recent years., provided huge savings are made in shipping (ships), rail (trains) … Read more