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9 tips for choosing the perfect expedition

What would be the “ideal expedition”? At Transport of packages, there are several variables that determine the value of freight, and this can be a sore point for carriers and customers. The weight of the cargo, where it is to be delivered, the type of modal that will be used and the urgency of the … Read more

Cubage: understand how the calculation is done

Cargo cubing is important in assessing whether the value of the cargo is in line with the storage capacity of the vehicle, thus avoiding the occurrence of significant losses for carriers. It is made from simple calculations and is used to determine whether the freight cost complies with the loading volume or with the vehicle … Read more

Cargo rental: 7 tips to reduce costs

THE cost-conscious management and the preparation of long-term strategic planning are the main pillars of the definition of cost reduction objectives for freight contracting. Equally important is the the manager’s in-depth knowledge of each step of the company’s logistics process. Continuous improvement and identifying the best opportunities when hiring freight are factors that set your … Read more

How to Get the Most Out of Ecommerce Shipping

As a good salesperson, you know how the economy and consumer buying habits can change. Add a year like 2020 and you might feel even more pressure on your business than usual from increased demand for online sales with the consequent increase in shipments of those sales, being able to adapt quickly is more important … Read more

Container: what is it and how was it born?

At the Freight Center we generally anticipate and are always ready to test new possibilities aimed at improving processes, we are very fond of innovation and technology and We recognize that the container has certainly been one of the greatest logistics inventions of recent years., has enabled considerable savings to be made in maritime (ships), … Read more

Content declaration: what is it and how to do it?

According to the research site Ebit, the E-commerce in Brazil increased its turnover by 47% than in the first half of 2020. With the significant increase in the volume of internet sales, several companies have had to adapt to the requirements of the new law that came into force in 2018, including MEIs. According to … Read more

How to manage freight efficiently?

Is Your Company’s Freight Handling Bringing The Expected Return? If some time ago it was more difficult to operate the efficient freight management, due to factors such as the slow quotation process and problems entering incorrect data, companies can now rely on the cargo management system. On a single platform, the manager has access to … Read more